Dominic Shaun Brady

I am a first-year Computer Science student with Aberystwyth University, on track for a degree with first class honours. I have a profound interest in programming, particularly in back-end systems and situations where I am not responsible for user-facing design elements, though I can adapt to these situations appropriately. I am proficient in C++ and Java among other languages, and have good experience working in a Linux environment.


2016 - 2019

Aberystwyth University

Computer Science — Expected Outcome: First Class Honours

Module Results

Introduction To Computer InfrastructureUnix, Hardware InfrastructureFirst
Introduction To ProgrammingArduino C, Algorithmic DesignFirst
Functional ProgrammingHaskellFirst
Programming Using an Object-Oriented LanguageJava, OO Design, UML DiagramsTBD
Web Development ToolsXHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavascriptTBD
Problems and SolutionsC, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Data RepresentationTBD

2010 - 2012

New College Telford

A Level Results

Further MathsD

2005 - 2010

Abraham Darby Academy


ICTBTEC Level 2Distinction
BusinessBTEC Level 2Merit
Additional ScienceGCSEA
English LiteratureGCSEC
Product DesignGCSEC


August 2009

Blue Stream Design

Web Designer

During the summer of 2009 I spent a month working with a small web design company in Telford building and maintaining websites for a wide range of clients, from small businesses and individuals to high-end fashion publications. In my role with Blue Stream Design, I gained experience with CSS, Javascript, HTML and PHP, as well as UX design and CMS applications.


I have a wide range of interests, including electronics, computer games, exploration, and the pursuit of further knowledge. I have built various small projects in my free time to learn things such as soldering and robotics design, including a small wheeled rover-type robot and a conversion project to transform a broken FM radio into an internet radio, both using the popular Raspberry Pi microcomputer. I play a lot of logic-based games based around assembly code and low-level programming such as Shenzen IO and TIS-100 as I find obscure and very limited programming languages require a certain way of thinking which evolves novel solutions to various limitations.


Due to the online nature of this CV, references are available on request.

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